Saturday, June 5, 2010

Donate $35.00 and name a Prairie Dog !

As a fun, "fun"draiser we are again offering the opportunity to name a Prairie dog with each $35.00 donated!

Thanks for your generosity!


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peggy said...

Hi Karen!
I contacted Julio who is the supervisor of the BF McDonald's. (I was given his name &# by the Partners in Education rep who works at the BF Wells Fargo.) Anyway, Larry Garcia is still the franchise owner of the BF and LL properties, as I thought. When I explained the need for commercial support in the relocation effort and explained that it probably wasn't a good idea to continue having the McDonald's customers feeding the dogs, he suggested I call the PDPs. (Oh brother) I identified myself again as a member, teacher and BF resident and asked if we could meet to talk some time. As you surmised, I really get the impression everyone just wants someone else to take care of the situation. Do they own that lot, or does someone else?
I hope you and your family are well.

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